Jill Rapley’s Online Success Journal – Your Invitation To Follow Along With Me

Hello, my name is Jill Rapley and I am publishing Jill Rapley’s Online Success Journal because  I have a serious mission. It is a mission that can benefit YOU.

What is my mission? I want to to prove that I CAN succeed (really succeed) online. AND I would love to bring you with me to the top.  In order to achieve this I am recording my journey AND publishing it. This will allow you to see and follow each step I take. 

I am determined to prove that you (and I) CAN succeed online. Others are earning incredible incomes online – so why not you (and me)? Or is it just for the “elect few”? Of course not!

It is for all who WANT it. Who want it enough to pursue it until they find it. 

Very recently I had the opportunity to join a program that offers to help me to really succeed. It includes some mentoring and step by step coaching in Affiliate Marketing. After a little hesitation (you know – “another purchase”, “will I REALLY earn back my investment and more this time?” etc) – I took the plunge. I felt that this really is the opportunity that will lead to the breakthrough I have been praying for, working for and longing for. 


Jill Rapley’s Online Success Journal: Inspired by Learn in Public

Inspired by the project that Doug Neill of Verbal to Visual Classroom is working and teaching, I am taking on the challenge of Learning in Public. 

This will give you the opportunity  (should you choose to follow me) to:

  • See step by step the things I do each day.
  • Witness the results I get. 
  • Be able to avoid the things that don’t work –  (yes I will share the Good the Bad and Ugly)
  • Learn to recover from mistakes as you see what I do when things go wrong (As John Maxwell puts it – I will be learning to Fail Forward). 

As you follow my daily steps  and see the results (and failures), you will able to try out these same steps.  Then you can discover for yourself the delights of success. You will also learn some techniques that will help you to recover quickly from failures.  


What Does This Mean For YOU?

Now does this mean I will be sharing ALL of the secrets that I learn from private coaching and mentoring? No, that would not be right or fair to the coaches.  Nor would it be fair other members of the program (including myself) who have invested in the plan. 

But you will learn enough to be able to build a good foundation and see some results.

You will also have the opportunity to make an educated decision on any products that could be helpful to you in building your business. I will be reviewing products that work for me. And I will not just reveal the Good, but the Bad and the Ugly too.

From time to time a product may come my way that has enough good in it to be worth investing in – even if it means throwing out a lot of it. Good business decisions are based on calculating the ROI.


To Make a Good Business Decision Concerning a Product – Ask Yourself: 

Will it support my main business focus and goals? (If yes, then it is an investment)

Will it distract me from my main focus? (If it does, then toss it aside)

Will it make me a real profit? (If it will, then it is an investment.)

Does it have at least some elements that support my business and increase my profits?  (If it does, then it is an investment – even if you have to toss much of it out)


How Can You Benefit From Following Jill Rapley’s Online Journal? – You Will:

  • Be able to follow the basic day to day steps I take with enough details to enable to you get started and see some results too.
  • See what worked for me and what did not. 
  • Discover what worked a little and what worked a lot. 

Plus you will receive a weekly summary WITH a Visual Cheat Sheet every week IF you sign up for it here

Once you see some results in your own journey, it will change your life and make you hungry for more!


So make sure you are following me – go here now.